Roulette is a game, wherein you may place diverse types of bets. Each bet requires a definite kind of skill for winning it. Regardless, it is a game that fascinates and thrills, especially if you become adept at tackling it profitably. Outlined below are the details of how to play roulette, highly popular amongst all other casino games.

The Basics

To begin with, all the players engaged in the game place their bets. There is a dealer or croupier in charge, who takes note of each individual’s bet. The croupier is responsible for throwing the ball onto the spinning wheel at the roulette table. He/she is kind enough to permit betting to continue even while the wheel is spinning. However, the minute he/she throws the ball into it, he announces that he will not allow any more betting. The ball has already begun rolling over the wheel, and there is complete silence. It is up to the ball to decide where it wants to find its resting place. The number on which it lands, announces the winner of that particular game. Thus, the player, who has bet upon that particular color, number or section, wins a certain amount of money.

Rules of Roulette

Rules of Roulette

There are certain rules and regulations in how you go about making an appearance at this gaming table. 

Get the Chips 

Every casino game brings chips into play. In general, the chips maintain a similar appearance at all the various tables. However, the roulette table begs to be different. Of course, it is possible to use the same regular chips here. However, casino houses prefer to keep roulette chips different and colourful. This is to ensure that the bets of different players do not become mixed up. However, certain traditional gaming centers prefer to keep everything similar across all gaming tables, specifically in Europe. It is up to the croupier to keep track of everything.

When you make an appearance at the roulette table. Place your money on the table. Do this between two games, or rather, when there is a break between games. Indicate to the croupier the worth of each of your chips. The dealer notes the total on his/her wheel of chips and sends them across to you.

Begin the Betting

Note the puck, buck, or small symbolled thing on the table. It refers to the last winning number. Once all the bets are in place, the croupier removes the indicator. Then, the game begins. It is up to each player to place his/her own bet. Sometimes, he/she cannot reach the exact place. Then, the dealer steps in to help.

Choose your Bet

A straight bet will mean placing your chip or chips on the chosen number. Alternatively, you may opt for a proposition bet, split bet, corner/four number/square bet, street bet, etc. 

Should you win, the dealer will call out your number, whether it is odd or even, or the color. The puck/buck displays the number. Finally, she clears the board of all the losing numbers.